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It takes only 0.5 seconds from the moment you meet someone to decide whether you like them or not.
This studio will provide you with professional photos that will maximize the potential of your business.

Studio-based shooting

The strobe is equipped with a beauty dish that is frequently used in model photography. A light source with particularly good color rendering and skin expression is used.

Location-based shooting

We can also shoot on location to incorporate the atmosphere of the location according to the client’s request. Location scouting may be required depending on the conditions of the location (availability of outside light, illumination according to time, equipment space, and shooting time).

Price(tax included)


It takes about 30 minutes to shoot about 50 shots. All the data will be sent to you via USB memory stick or online storage.

The shooting will take place in a studio with a white background.


Retouch ¥1,100~
Add retouching for color, skin tone, etc.
Location-based shooting ¥22,000
Outdoor and office shooting. It takes less than 2 hours to bring in the equipment, set it up, and shoot according to the content. The cost of renting the shooting location is not included.


Interview about the desired image. Discuss the details of the shoot with the client.
Total of about 50 shots in two patterns: full body and bust up.
Check the photos taken on the monitor. Examine whether or not retouching options are available, and the desired brightness and color tone.
Deliver a complete set of data via USB flash drive or online storage


Koko Rikiishi: Osteopathic therapist
Noriko Fushimi: Food Creator
Tatsuo Tanaka: Tatsuo Tanaka tax accountant’s office
Yu Murakami: Beauty consultant
Gaku Togasawa: Personality
Akie Tsuneta: MEDIAMaker Inc.
Katsuichi Kimura: Sculptor